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How to make effective video overviews of your software


With any new software, there’s a need to provide your audience with an overview of what your product is/does and why/when it’s valuable. This type of video can be used as an overview introduction, deeper dives into features or even as tech support self-help content.  Short of trying it out themselves, or being shown in person, a video demo is the best way for them to understand. It’s just ‘show and tell’. By using quality voice-over and visuals in a concise way, you can very quickly give them a high level overview of your app or software product.

I’ll provide a few valuable best practices but first, for context, here’s an example of a recent overview video we did for video advertising platform Tube Mogul.


how to sell with videoIf you’re trying to create a video to sell something, you need to focus on how to convert effectively.  Every sales process has a difference sales cycle, some are impulse buys, others take a very long time. If you’re able to sell online, even better: in theory any view could lead to a sale…if you reach the right audience, with the right message at the right time.

inspiration for video production san francisco digital accomplice

Inspiration is everywhere… if you stop and look! Digital Accomplice didn’t produce any of these examples but are sharing them as a resource for you to get fresh perspective on what you could do to make your next video project engage your audience and stand out against the chaos of our hectic online lives.

1) Here’s an example that shows an interesting way to combine photos or video with illustrations. This would be a cool way to bridge the gap between assets that you have and one’s you don’t. Also a great way to show complex issues.

Chipolte wins the ‘awesome award’ for brand content with their new “Farmed and Dangerous” video series. It’s good entertainment that communicates the core values of the brand and creates a positive brand image. Check it out:

They undoubtedly had a huge budget but we can all learn from the example. Simply put: Brand content works.

I think any company can create affordable and effective video brand content. Just as long as you understand and respect your audience and create content at that intersection of your company’s interest and the audience’s, you can create value for both.

how to make videos effective a look at video effectiveness

Video can be effectively used for a variety of business reasons:

  • Awareness/Branding
  • Explain Product/Service  (Tech Demos)
  • Building Trust
  • Use Cases
  • Investment/Kickstarter Videos/Crowdfunding
  • Conversion/Sales
  • Recruitment/Training
  • Customer Support/ ‘How To’ Videos

There are surely more as well. It’s tempting to try and create the “All about our company video” but it can become too long and cluttered if your goals aren’t clear.

how to pick the best video production company for your project

OK, first off, I’m biased. I own a video production company.  I’d love to convince you to hire Digital Accomplice for your project. That said, I don’t like to waste time exploring projects that aren’t going to be a good fit, nor do you. Our business relies on positive outcomes, happy clients, referrals, repeat business.  Speeding up the vetting process is in both our interests.

As prospective clients evaluate a video production company, there’s a lot’s of considerations that may come into play. Part of the issue is that if a client hasn’t done many video projects they aren’t sure how to evaluate the vendors.  Wondering where to get started?

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