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video for website backgrounds

Video is now being used effectively (and in really cool ways) as backgrounds on websites, like the example above from Kickstarter. Thanks to advances in HD video, compression and web technology like HTML 5, the impact of  video can be used in ways like never before.  To be clear, we’re talking about using video as a background, not just embedded. This is kinda a big deal.

To help get a handle on what’s possible, here’s a link to a great selection of cool websites that use video as a background element in the design. Go ahead, check it out, then come on back…I’ll wait.

Photos can be a very useful asset for creating an engaging video for your organization. While photo files are frequently visually interesting on their own, if animated and set to music and voice over, they can help tell your story with even more punch. In fact, I’d argue they can be used just as effectively as camera footage or graphic animation. They trick is actually having access to them, the rights to use them, and having the right kind of photos that match the messaging of what your want to say. For some companies, like an architecture firm, for example, this may be very easy. They will almost certainly have a library of high resolution images of all kinds of building projects. For an accounting firm? Well, probably not.

For this post…

publicity stunt video guerilla marketing video production

Wall Street is in need of a little Austerity, at least that’s what the marketing company responsible for launching “Austerity” wine thinks! Benson Marketing Group hired Digital Accomplice to help produce a publicity stunt viral video to help build some buzz around Cecchetti Wine Company’s new wine.  The video below was to accompany a campaign of advertisements in mass media and trade publications, press outreach and other more traditional marketing methods. The addition of a web video to help build buzz is a new option that has big potential that is just now starting to be tapped.


San Francisco Video Production prices are steep because San Francisco ain’t cheap. It’s one of the most expensive places to live in the country…and therefore high quality video production is also a bit more expensive here than elsewhere.  While there are many young creative people in San Francisco with cameras and laptops, most real professionals in the video production business tend to have a few years under their belt. Why? It’s because there are so many technical and creative aspects to this dark art we call video production that it takes many years to perfect them to the point where you can be a valuable and reliable production service provider.  More often than not, video projects call for professionals who can bring different dimensions of experience to the inherently chaotic process of video production and deliver under pressure.

To help clients understand video production prices in San Francisco, I thought it would be very helpful to outline the different aspects of video production and how they may come together on your next project. Ideally this will help you budget and resource more effectively and help your project be better and more effective while still helping you get the most bang for your buck.

Silicon Valley is overflowing with companies trying to tell the world about their great ideas. Granted, not every idea is as solid as “Laser-Bears”, it seems there’s room for others as well. But, it’s a crowded marketplace and very noisy. There’s a few issues that stand out where video can help:

  1. Getting Noticed
  2. Building Trust
  3. Understanding the Products
  4. Creating Demand

In this post, I’ll explore each of these…

Using video to market software is no-brainer. That’s my expert opinion and there are a few great reasons why:

  1. Video allows you to quickly and concisely deliver the high-level value proposition of your software.
  2. Video can engage viewers & build excitement: helping to make the purchase decision emotion-driven
  3. Video promotes your software product or service and explains it’s benefits all 24 hours a day and with global reach, just like a virtual sales force. In fact Sales Force claims that their video content gets 7.5k views a day, which equates to 46 hyper-efficient sales reps (doing the math: If you only got approx 160 views a day that would equal one full-time sales rep!). Don’t believe me, check out the video


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