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Show the value of advertising

We make sizzle video wrap ups of ad campaigns.

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Add and demonstrate value of your your brand partnerships and keep your clients happy. 

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How we help

Our video wrap ups for your clients  feature highlights of the campaign, data/metric integrations and results - all as "added value". These are super impactful for brands and we act as an additional resource that the sales teams can use instead of taking resources away from an in-house production team.

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Process and costs

Same week turnarounds, flat pricing, low-lift service designed specifically to support your sales activities. 

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Video Examples

Over a hundred happy brands have enjoyed the benefits of seeing, hearing and FEELING the impact of their spends. Get in touch to schedule a screening and discuss how we can help your sales team be even more successful, easily. 

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4095 Piedmont Ave, #195, Oakland, CA 94611


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